The Premium Chatrooms are paywall locked chatrooms where the user pays a fee to get access. The fee and billing terms are defined by the team owner. Echofin keeps a percentage for each transaction.

Here is how to get started:

1. The first step is to connect your Stripe account:

Dashboard →  Billing Plans

2. Then create your Billing Plans:

Dashboard →  Billing Plans → Create

Make sure to fill in the Terms & Conditions and Billing Statement descriptor.

3. Create a Premium Chatroom:

Dashboard → Chatrooms → Create Chatroom → Properties: Switch to Premium Type

4. Assign the billing that you want to grant access to the chatroom. This means that the user who has purchased the billing plan gains access to the chatroom.

The In-App and Checkout switches manage whether the bill plan should be available for in-app purchase or through the chatroom checkout URL.

Dashboard → Chatrooms → #Chatroom Name → Billing

You can assign multiple billing plans to a chatroom. For example, you might want to offer a monthly plan along with a yearly plan and let the user decide which one to purchase.

5. Once you have assigned a billing plan and made it public, the Chatroom will be locked and becomes available for purchase within your team's workspace.

And finally, this is how the Premium Chatroom appears in the workspace: