Here are the steps we propose to make the migration to Echofin 2.0 as smooth as possible.

  • Create your Chatrooms, enable your favorite Widgets and setup the User Roles and Permissions

Please note that due to the massive redesign it is not possible to migrate the content from your existing chatrooms to the new environment. You will have to start over, but we strongly believe that the new experience overall, outweighs this setback.

  • Disable message posting to your v1 chatrooms

Dashboard → Chatrooms → #Chatroom

  • You might want to create a new #Support chatroom so users can message you there if they find any troubles with migration

  • Inform your members that your team migrates to the new platform

Your existing team members will be able to log in with the same username and password. If they do not remember their password there is a password reset link in the login page.

Here is a suggestion on how your chatrooms on v1 should look like while you migrate to the new platform.

  • The new team URL is <team-name>

The mobile app name is Echofin 2.0

If you have any doubts or further questions please contact our support team.