A billing plan can have an initial free trial period before it attempts to charge the customer. 

To add a trial period on a billing plan please navigate to Dashboard → Billing Plans and click on the Trial button. Enter the trial name, description, and set the length of the trial period.


After creating the trial, open up the billing plan you wish to associate it with and select it from the Trial dropdown.

Please note that each trial plan can be associated with multiple billing plans, but it can be used only once per user to prevent multiple free trials. 

Each trial can be used only once, which means that when the user attempts to purchase a second billing plan that is associated with the same trial the user will be prompted to purchase straight away without getting the trial. Depending on the billing flow you want to offer, you may consider creating a separate trial and associate it with the billing plan.

You may want to associate the same trial on multiple plans in the following scenario. Let's assume that you offer a Monthly and a Yearly plan that gives access to a chatroom. If you want to offer a trial period then it is advised to create a trial and associate it with both plans. This way the user will get the trial only once no matter if they purchase the Yearly or the Monthly plan.