You can cancel a premium subscription that has been created through Echofin* from your profile preferences menu. Please follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to and login with your Echofin credentials. If you forgot them please click on the Forgot password? link to recover them.

2. Open your account Preferences

3. Navigate to the Billing tab. The tab is only available if there are active subscriptions that were created through Echofin*.  Any active billing plan will be listed here.

4. Click on the Manage button to navigate to Stripe's Customer Portal. This is the billing provider's secure portal. From there you can manage your subscription. The billing management portal looks like the following screenshot.

⚠️ If the above fails then please keep reading.

* If the Billing tab, on step 3 above, is not enabled on your profile it means that your premium subscription was NOT created through the Echofin platform. You have probably paid for your services off-platform ie. though PayPal or any other payment processor. In this case, you will have to consult directly with your team owner.

Also, please take into consideration the following:

  • Echofin is a platform service provider that provides a leading community management platform to team owners who want to run trading focused chatrooms and monetize their following.

  • Echofin does not charge the end-users ie. the users who receive signals from a trading team. Echofin provides the communication medium and is the billing enabler.

  • Echofin, as the billing enabler, provides the mechanism to integrate the communication platform with the team's owner billing provider.

  • The team owner is solely responsible for end-users' billing management. All billing transactions take place on the team's owner billing account.

  • The team owner has direct full access to the billing provider's dashboard to manage users' premium subscriptions. That means that even if Echofin platform malfunctions or cease to exist the team owner still has the power to manage your premium subscription.