Access control is an important matter for community managers to consider when managing their communities. Echofin's advanced access control system allows you to customize permissions for your users however you like.

Let's go through an example to see how to set up permissions. In this example the specifications are the following:

  • The community has two Private (or Premium) chatrooms, Forex and Options.
  • There are a few Instructors to be assigned to each chatroom.
  • The Instructors of the Forex chatroom are not to be able to access the Options chatroom and vice versa.

Below is the chatrooms layout:

1) First off, create two Roles (Roles & Permissions → New Role) as shown below:

2) Assign each role to the corresponding chatroom:

Chatrooms → Forex (⚙ Properties) → Chatroom Members

And then add the Role to the chatroom:

Add → Role → Select: Forex Instructors

Repeat the same steps for the Options chatroom.

3) What is now left is to add users to each Role:

Users → ⚙ Username properties → Select Forex (or Options) Instructors

In the same manner, you can add (or remove) more users to the desired Roles and effectively manage the chatroom access.

TIP: Permissions fine-tuning 

Each Role has a set of default permissions to the chatroom. You may want, for example, to grand Moderation permissions or allow host Live Meetings. To do so please navigate to the following dashboard location:

Chatrooms → Forex (⚙ Properties) → Permissions → Select the Forex Instructors tab

Here you can modify the permissions of the Role to the particular chatroom.