There may be cases where as a community manager, you want to offer bundled chatrooms access and multiple billing options.


Let's examine the following scenario.

The community offers two premium chatrooms, namely the #Daily Signals and #Market Analysis:

The community manager wants to offer the following purchase options:

  1. Access to #Daily Signals for $50 per month
  2. Access to #Market Analysis for $40 per month
  3. Access to both chatrooms for $70 per month

So, the billing plans are created as follows:

Eventually, we want to present the user with two billing options for each chatroom: a) monthly plan and b) full access plan

To enable this setting, first navigate to Dashboard → Chatrooms → #Market Analysis → Billing and follow the steps below:

  1. Enable all options for the Signals plan: This means that a user who purchases the Signals plan will unlock the #Market Analysis chatroom.
  2. Enable all options for the Full access plan: This will enable a second purchase option for the user, which if purchased will grant them access to both chatrooms.

Respectively, repeat the same steps for the #Daily Signals chatroom:

And here is how it looks from the member's point of view.

Annual plan

Let's go a step further and include to our billing options an annual billing plan that provides access to both chatrooms. The steps to do so are similar to what we have seen so far:

1. Create the annual billing plan:

2. Assign the plan to both chatrooms:

3. Here is the end result: