To host a meeting/webinar, click on the stream icon in the chatroom you want to make the stream available.

The stream modal will popup, in which you may set participant permissions.

Audio/Video broadcast

The default setup will make your audio and web camera available to broadcast. To select a different audio source and output, click on the arrow icon next to the microphone button. This will show the available audio devices found on your computer.

To toggle your camera status (off/on) just click on the camera button. If your web camera is not selected automatically, click the arrow icon next to the camera button. This will show you the available camera sources found on your device. In case your camera is not listed, check troubleshooting at the end of this article.



On the left side of the meetings window, you'll find the screensharing button. This will open the sharing window, from which you can select to stream from an entire window, your entire screen or a specific app.

Screensharing & Camera broadcasting

While on screensharing mode, you may also turn on your web camera. This will show both your screenshare as well as your web cam to participants. 


- Cannot find my web camera / mic:

1. If you are using a web browser, make sure you have given the right permissions to access the camera. Click on the cam icon found on your address bar to check if you have blocked access to the camera. If this is the case, allow access to the camera/mic and reload the app.

Cam/Mic Permissions on FireFox

2. Make sure your operating system (Windows, MacOS, Linux) has granted permissions to access the camera:

- Other possible issues: